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Mels Welt

The world according to Mel

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Hi there,
my name is Mel, I'm from Germany.
I don't know why I actually started this journal. I was just surfing around, looking for celebrity pics and fashion editorials. I had no intention to really participate here. But be it as it may: I happen to find this place very enjoyable and started to write something like a diary - whatever I had on my mind and felt like posting, I did - I do.
So while reading you'll get a pretty good overview of what is bothering me at the moment. I'll also post some links from time to time I find worth sharing. And if I get my hard drive organized, I'll post pics as well I guess. I don't know yet. Don't know which directions this will get or if I'll loose interest soon. We'll see.

Take care,

PS: One year later: Apparently I didn't loose interest yet (sorry! ;-))